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addChem - Regulatory Affairs Consulting -

Regulatory Affairs Consulting for the Chemical and Associated Industries. EMDG Consultant, MSDS in more than 30 languages according to several worldwide standards incl. Australian ASCC, NOHSC, New Zeeland HSNO and European REACH.

AddChem – Regulatory Affairs Consulting -

Regulatory Affairs Consulting for the chemical and associated industries. EMDG Consultant, MSDS in more than 30 languages according to several worldwide standards incl. Australian ASCC, NOHSC, European REACH.

Adgums -

Offers gum thickeners from guar, tamarind, tapioca starch for printing textile dyes, cotton fibres sizing, construction, paints, paper manufacture, food processing stabilizers by Adgums Private Limited in India.

Cacl2 -

Ward Chem is a Canadian cacl2 supplier. Get high quality calcium chloride products such as pellets, flakes, and liquid cacl2.

Calcium Bromide CaBr2 Calcium Chloride & Bromide Supplier -

Bromines have recently become a tracked sector of the financial markets. The cost of calcium bromide CaBr2, as one of the bromines, has thus become subject to a variety of market pressures.

Calcium Chloride -

Contact Completion Fluids Canada to get more info on brines such as calcium chloride (Cacl2). Completion Fluids & Brines - Calcium Chloride Cacl2

Camplex Marketing Corporation -

Exporters of paints raw materials, printing ink raw material, industrial bulk chemicals, painting ink raw materials in small and bulk for paint including additives, pigments, acrylic emulsion, metallic driers, alkyd resins, speciality extenders from Camplex Marketing Corporation in India.

Chemet Chemicals Ltd. -

Manufacture exporters of agrochemicals pesticides, plant protection chemicals, fungicides, herbicides, seed dressers, public health household insecticides, bio-herbal plant growth hormones chemet chemicals India. is a list of Manufacturer, Exporter and Importer. - is a chemical directory devoted to Manufacturer, Exporter and Importer of Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Bulk Drugs, Intermediates and allied industries.

Chemsons Industrial Corporation -

A hi-tech plant and well equipped laboratory at VAPI, GUJARAT,INDIA where stringent quality control procedures are followed in line with International Standards.

Colourtex Group of companies -

Manufacturer of dyestuff and chemicals as textile dyes, non textile dyes, eco friendly dyes, organic pigments, reactive dyes, specialty chemicals, disperse dyes, VAT dyes, solvent dyes for cellulosic, yarn, fabric, inks by Colourtex in Surat, India.

Completion Fluids - Chlorides Bromides Formates -

For drilling and completion fluids information and services, contact Ward Chem. We offer completion fluids (brines) such as chlorides, bromides, formates.

Contract Manufacturer -

Travik chemicals is a contract manufacturer with over 30 years experience, specializing in liquids, creams and aerosols.  Travik can create bespoke products for a number of industries, formulated to your specific requirements for own label ranges, from car polishes to specialised aerosols.  The company has extensive expertise and formulations within cleaning, hygiene, industrial and automotive sectors.

Corrosion inhibitors for biofuels: SBZ suppliers and distributors -

SBZ are the premier supplier and distributor of corrosion inhibitors for biofuels. SBZ supply across Europe, North America and Africa.

Corrosion Treatment -

If you have any doubt and want to know that for your equipment which antirust is good then ask to us we will tell you, Aerospace need more surface treatment compare to other place of equipment.

Delf UK, Manufacture of Soft Soaps, Speciality chemicals & cleaning supplies -

Delf Supplier & Manufacturer of Quality Chemicals from Potassium Soft Soaps, Specialty Chemicals, Sanitising Healthcare and Janitorial Products, supplier to both UK and overseas markets

Distributor Merck Products, Chemical Instruments, Laboratory Reagents, Glasswares, Dealers and Suppl -

Dealers, Suppliers, Distributors, Wholesaler and Exporters of Chemical Products, Scientific Instruments, Raw Materials, Biochemicals, Equipments and Glasswares. Mainly export laboratory reagents, liquid handling equipments, food and environmental analysis, special merck products, filtration products, chromatography, electrochemical instruments, microbiology, pharma raw materials, etc from Merck, Thomas Baker, S.R.L., Spectrochem, Whatman, EXPO, Biosystem, Millipore, Sartorius, Borosil, Mumbai,

Fluids -

For more than 100 years, we’ve helped drive innovation with revolutionary technology — creating new standards for how the world gets work done. We’ve done it by producing best-in-class Ingersoll Rand / ARO pump and dispensing technologies, and by knowing our customers’ industries and the demands placed on productivity and quality.

Fruits n Pulps are leading producer and exporter of mango, mango pulps and other. -

Fruits n Pulps are exporters and manufacturer of mangos and mango pulp. Exporters of various fruits mango, chiku, papaya and other fresh fruits products. Leading producer of alphanso mangoes from India.

Grease-Eater.Co.Uk Fat Traps, Grease Traps, Grease Trap Maintenance Fat Trap Maintenance. Oil Eaters -

Hydra International Ltd. is a Manufacturer, Supplier of Cleaning Chemicals, Hygiene Products. Hydra Specialize in Formulating Cleaning Products, Sanitizing, Disinfectant Products & Additives

Hair oil, hair gel, hair soap, hair shampoo, soap, neem soap, aamla hair oil, neem hair soap, shampo -

manufacturers & exporters of hair oil, hair shampoo, hair gel, hair care products, hair shampoo, hair soap, neem soap, neem hair soap, alovera hair shampoo, antidandruff hair shampoo, hair soap, amla hair oil, aamla hair oil, hair oil, hair gel, India

Harrys waste oil co inc -

Harrys waste oil co. inc. provides used oil transportion and recycling services in Miami,Fort Lauderdale and Palm beach. We are EPA lisenced and insured and have been in business for 26 years. We offer a full range of services including spill response,oil/separators, waste oil, antifreeze and oil filter collection.

Indian Chemical Industries -

Manufacturer and exporter dyes, pigments, reactive dyes, organic pigments, dyestuff, fast salt, ingrain dyes, plastisol inks, ingrain dyes, specialized organic pigment, reactive m dyes, reactive h dyes, reactive me dyes, specialized plastisol inks, pigment preparation for textile industrial application, printing inks, plastics, rubbers, paints, coating, allied products by Indian Chemical Industries, Ahmedabad, India.


Offers cleaning services as home cleaning, office cleaning, house cleaning, apartment cleaning, residential cleaning with maid service and cleaners to Brea, Chino Hills, Claremont, Corona, Fontana, La Verne, Mira Loma, Montclair, Norco, Ontario, Rancho Cucamonga, Upland, Walnut, Diamond Bar by Inside Out Cleaning Services in California, USA.

Kothari Petrochemicals - Polybutene Manufacturers India -

Kothari Petrochemicals dominates the petrochemicals industry in India with its quality Polybutene products

Laboratory Chemical Dealers, Purity Solvent Exporters, Lab Glasswares, Liquid Handling Equipment Sup -

Jignesh Agency ( Palkem India ) is Dealer, Exporter & Supplier of laboratory chemical, lab glassware, liquid handling equipment, high purity solvents, laboratory reagents, scientific instruments, chromatography, pharma raw materials, filter papers, etc Dealers of all laboratories products manufactured by Merck, Thomas Baker, S.R.L., J.T.Baker, Spectrochem, Acros Organics, Borosil, Whatman, Sartorius, Pall, Rankem, etc from Mumbai, India.

Lalith - A Company into Trading of Dyestuffs and Dye Intermediates -

A leading trader of high quality colour chemicals, located in India and are exporting worldwide.

Liquid Cacl2 -

For high quality Cacl2 (calcium chloride), contact the no.1 Cacl2 supplier in Canada: Ward Chem. We sell bulk and liquid calcium chloride as well as flakes and pellets.

Liquid Calcium Chloride Supplier -

For high quality liquid calcium chloride, contact Ward Chemical, the no.1 liquid Cacl2 supplier in Canada.

Manufacturers and Exporters of Laboratory Chemicals, Bio Chemical and other chemical Suppliers. -

Alpha Lab chem is among the top 5 chemical companies in India. Manufacturers and Exporters of Laboratory Chemicals. The Lab chemical supplier has a wide range or products from Organic & Inorganic, Clinical Reagents, Bio Chemicals, Enzymes and Related Products, Biological Stains & Indicators, Solvents & Acid of LR/GR/EP/UV and HPCL Grades. Our Product list consists of more than 7000 items. Laboratory Chemical search engine with CAS no. and COA - India.

Manufacturers PVC Compound India, Exporters EVA compound India, Manufacturers Colour Master Batch In -

Manufacturers and Exporters of EVA, EVA Compound, PVC Compound, Footwear Compound, Shoe Compound, TPR Compound, TR Compound, Thermoplastic Rubber, Colour Master Batch, Master Batch ,PVC Master Batch, Nitrile Master Batch, NBR, Nitrile Compound, Plastic Compound - India

Medical Device and Manufacturing -

A full service manufacturer of high precision plastic injection molds, custom molded plastic components and complete "turn-key" assemblies.


Manufacturer of zircon flour, zirconium silicate for foundry, ceramics, paints, rubber, composites, abrasive, ceramic colour manufacturers by Meshwo Ceramics in India.

Nandu Chemical Industries -

Manufacturer and exporter of active pharmaceutical ingredients used in IV solutions, electrolytes and dialysis as well as sodium citrate, sodium chloride in food, beverages and healthcare industries by Nandu Chemical Industries in India.

Narayan Organics Pvt. Ltd -

Manufacturer of phthalocyanine pigment, copper salts, pigment blue, pigment green 7, ingrain blue 5, metal phthalocyanine crude blue, phthalocyanine derivatives including cuprous chloride, cupric chloride anhydrous by Narayan Organics in India.

Paraffin oil -

We supply genuine and very high quality paraffin oil at a very reasonable and fair price. The food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries are our clients.

Plastic End Caps -

Alliance Plastics is a manufacturer and distributor of protection and finishing components for a wide range of industries and applications. We offer plastic plugs, plastic end caps, rubber grommets, and a number of other quality products.

Plastic injection molding,china plastic products -

Glory plastic factory and plastic products in China. Manufactures and exports quality OEM plastic injection molding parts, blow molding products and plastic moulds.

Plastic Sheet Supplier -

Alternative Plastics are based in the UK and specialise in supplying all forms of plastic and plastic sheet. Specialising in acrylic, we can supply a large variety plastic sheet, rods, tubes and adhesives.

Poly Fluoro Ltd -

Poly Fluoro is one of India’s leading PTFE / Teflon® components manufacturers. Products include tubing, bearings, bushes, rods, tapes and sheets.

Polymers for Medical Waste Solidification -

Super absobent polymers for Medical Waste Solidification. ZapLoc is a new product specifically formulated to meet the unique challenges of solidifying medical waste using a super absorbent polymer blend.

Polyurethane foaming machines/ foaming equipment. -

Elastofoam manufacturers and exporters of Polyurethane Foaming Machine.

Reagent De-ionized Water -

Reagent are a manufacturer of pure water. The first phase of the water purification process is an Organic Trap. Next, the water passes through a Twin-Bed Deionizer, where one Anionic tank removes the CatIons, the other Cationic Tank removes the AnIons.

Silicone Sponge by MTI Global -

Fabricated silicone products. MTI Global designs and manufactures silicone foam, silicone sponge and solid silicone.

Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate, Trichloroisocyanuric acid, Amoxicillin (Amoxycillin) Trihydrate, Florfe -

We supply Pharmaceutical Raw Materials like Amoxicillin (Amoxycillin) Trihydrate Powder, Florfenicol, and Water Treatment Products like Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate 50% 60% 63% (Sdic, NaDCC), Trichloroisocyanuric acid (Symclosene, trichloro-s-triazinetrione, TCICA, Trichlor).

Solid Calcium Bromide -

White in its solid form and clear when found as a liquid, calcium bromide is odorless whether as a solid or as a liquid. Check this website to learn more about calcium bromide (CaBr2).

Solvent Recovery and Solvent Distillation systems -

SRSEngineering pioneer in solvent recovery and solvent distillation systems offers automatic washing systems, methanol recovery systems, biodiesel fuels and solvent distillation equipment for industrial needs.

Solventis Ltd Chemical Distributor -

Solventis imports a wide range of solvents into Europe from world class international suppliers around the globe.

Specialist in Decoking, Descaling Technology. -

Crest Environmental Services are specialists in decoking, descaling technology. Using the pigg system to refurbish and maintain heater tanks and associated pipework.

Textile Processing Pigments -

Fibre2fashion - Textile Portal Provides Premium Platform for Textile Dyes, Textile Chemicals, Textile Intermediates, Textile Pigments and Enzymes also Offering Latest Buying /Selling Business Offers, Textile Industry Articles, Textile news, Textile Associations, Job Offers.

the most professional Pharmaceutical Intermediates manufacturer -

Jinxiang Chemical enterprise founded in 1995, technology innovation is always our development power. We manufacture over 70 products and they are divided into medicine intermediates ,pesticide intermediates ,sensitization material intermediates and Nanometer materials. Di-tert-butyl dicarbonate (Diboc,Bocanhydride),DIAD,2-methyl-3-biphenylmethanol,adamantane, 2-methy-2-adamantanol,2-ethyl-2-adamantanol, 2-(trifluoromethoxy)aniline are our leading products.

Total Chemical Management Services Company – Haas TCM -

Haas TCM is a global chemical management services company. We streamline and manage the chemical life cycle for each of our customers with superior and innovative supply chain, process, and information management systems.

US Chemist, Online Generic Medicines Store, Pharmaceutical Drugs Shop, Prescription Drug Supplier, G -

USChemist is one of leading online pharmacy shop for all types Generic Drugs of pain reliff, antibiotic, sexual health, weight loss / obesity, hair loss, blood pressure, cancer, diabities, etc. supplies generic equivalents of their favorable prescription/ non-prescription drugs and pills of supreme quality at the cheap prices. All our products shipped are manufactured by well known Multinational companies approved by FDA's worldwide.

Vibgyor Chemtex International -

Manufacturer and exporter of dyes, pigments, intermediates and specialty chemicals including acid dyes, azo pigments, phthalocyanine pigments, M dyes, H dyes, HE dyes, ME dyes, VS dyes, food colour, textile products from vibgyor chemtex international, Ahmedabad, India.

Zirconia Powder, Zirconium Chemicals, Advance Ceramics, Industrial Minerals -

Manufacture of Zirconia Powders, Zirconium Chemicals, Advance Ceramics, Industrial Minerals Including Wollastonite, Calcite, Quartz, Feldspar Sodium, Feldspar Potassium, MICA, KAOLIN, Diatomite, China Clay, Sillimanite by Raj Purohit Group of Enterprises in India.